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Within all is a longing to be invited in. This is why we join committees, address invitations, signs up for memberships and become loyal to the brands that we love. The ultimate sense of belonging comes from a desire to play a role in a greater story.

This desire is what led us to create The Well. Throughout the Bible the well is portrayed as a gathering place. A place where people go to for life-giving water. Our intention to build our own well was similar. We intend for The Well to be a gathering place for Catholic creatives, a place that encourages community and collaboration. We hope that it is a place for buyers to purchase wholesome products that can fill their homes and make great gifts for their families and friends.

We are a brother and sister who have desired for a space like The Well for so long and we are so excited to build this community and we would love for you to join us. The Well is authentically Catholic and provides the opportunity for vendors to sell their products, and Catholics to buy them.

We maintain a deep desire for collaboration among vendors, and we desire to serve our vendors by whatever means necessary. We are very much looking forward to all of the fruit that The Well will bring to all of our vendors and customers. 

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to this journey together!

With Love,

Joe Roberts
Co-Founder & Creative Director

Katie Roberts
Co-Founder & Director of Vendor Relations

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